School board to hold referendum for new budget


School board president Mike Kerschner discusses the daily agenda with the rest of the board during a meeting. Kerschner said the vote will determine whether the school will have an increased budget in school safety.

Raphael Li

The school board to host its next school board meeting on Oct. 14.
According to school board president Mike Kerschner, along with this, a referendum is being held on Nov. 5 to discuss the matter of an increase in taxes for better school safety. The referendum is asking for, according to Kerschner, around $65 per year for a house that is assessed for taxes at $250,000
“If the referendum passes, then (among other things) we would hire more SROs (student resource officers) or hire more mental health professionals,” Kerschner said.
Kerschner said he is supportive of the referendum and in agreement for more security. Some students such as junior Lalith Roopesh also support the referendum.
I think an increase in school safety is good for the school,” Roopesh said.