School board to hold referendum for new budget

School board president Mike Kerschner discusses the daily agenda with the rest of the board during a meeting. Kerschner said the vote will determine whether the school will have an increased budget in school safety.

Raphael Li

October 12, 2019

The school board to host its next school board meeting on Oct. 14.   According to school board president Mike Kerschner, along with this, a referendum is being held on Nov. 5 to discuss the matter of an increase in taxes for better school safety. The referendum is asking for, according to Kersc...

Broadcasting into the future: CHTV, WHJE students reflect on potential impact of proposed budget cuts for broadcasting industry

Griffin Gonzalez, CHTV anchor, WHJE director and senior, looks at the camera before going on air. Gonzalez said he loves broadcasting because he wants to inform his audience of important news.

Riya Chinni

February 23, 2018

Radio transmissions have been around since the late 19th century, starting in 1894 with “wireless” transmissions of Guglielmo Marconi and his telegraphy system. In 1912, Marconi opened the world’s first radio factory, and in 1920, a station in Detroit broadcast the first radio news program. Sixt...

Repair, Then Renovate: CHS should consider adding to the maintenance budget rather than taking on costly renovations.

Repair, Then Renovate: CHS should consider adding to the maintenance budget rather than taking on costly renovations.

HiLite Staff, Staff

August 15, 2017

Step inside one of the many bathrooms of CHS, and it’s not unlikely that one will find stalls with broken locks, malfunctioning toilets with various marks and scratches and small puddles covering the bathroom floor. The faulty restroom dilemma has plagued CHS for years, and while other ameniti...

Awareness. Students must be aware of government decisions regarding STEM education.


August 14, 2013

This summer, I had the privilege of attending the Research Science Institute (RSI) hosted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with 80 other high school students aspiring to be scientists. This six-week summer program is an introduction to scientific research, where privileged students...

Music for thought. The performing arts are important to our being cultured and well-rounded individuals.

Music for thought. The performing arts are important to our being cultured and well-rounded individuals.


October 23, 2012

If you announce that you have never been to one of our high school football games, would you be ridiculed? Most likely. But how about one of our performing arts events? Less likely. While it is true that being a spectator and audience member of an athletic event may be much easier than being a conce...

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX- The Most Addictive Game Ever?

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November 28, 2010

I just played Pac-Man championship edition DX on XBox LIVE Arcade, and  I am stunned. This could be the greatest $10 game of all time. I started playing, and next thing I knew, I had been playing for three hours. I want to play more! It is available via Download on both XBox LIVE, and PlayStation...

Referendum passes, allows for stability in Carmel Clay schools


May 20, 2010

Extracurricular programs, class and staff sizes remain constant with passage of referendum By Patrick Bryant <[email protected]> On the night of May 4, Chris Wilner, marching band drum major and senior, said there was no better feeling than watching the election results, which showed 58 percent of Carmel...

Budget cut proposal could cause additional changes to sixth period


January 29, 2010

More teachers to gain a sixth period, resulting in fewer to oversee students in SRT By Maxime Berclaz <[email protected]>  During SRT, aside from a few scattered students here and there, French teacher Leslie McCarty’s room is empty. This is because McCarty does not have an SRT. Instead of watch...

$3 million in budget cuts jump to $11.6 million loss


January 29, 2010

By Sarah Sheafer <[email protected]>  In the fall of last year, former Superintendent Barbara Underwood proposed a budget cut of $3 million. Just last month, Gov. Mitch Daniels announced a K-12 school funding cut of about $300 million statewide. Starting this month, schools will lose ab...

Budget cuts could hold widespread effects


February 27, 2009

District, superintendent proposes $1.5 million in reductions for staff, materials costs Recently, Jeremy Weprich, member of the Principal’s Advisory Council and sophomore, said he sat in one of his classes and listened while one of his teachers spoke of the possible effects of recent plans to cut s...