Hound Reasoning Additional Results, Sampling Description

Rhea Acharya

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We collected around 350 responses through social media and 120 responses from going around to various lunches and collecting survey results from the people eating, for a total of exactly 470 students in the sample.

All responses were recorded using a Google Form. Almost all people who we requested to fill out the survey in person at lunches were compliant, but we do not have similar data from social media because we don’t know how many total people who go to CHS saw the survey link.

None of the survey questions were required to answer.

76 said they were freshman; 121 said they were sophomores; 164 said they were juniors; and 101 said they were seniors.

299 said they were female; 154 said they were male; and 9 said they identified as “other.”

The overarching terms used in the survey were defined in the following manner alongside every question referring to them.

Knowledge Accumulation: simply theoretically learning the material, through teacher lectures, reading, and tests

Knowledge Application: when you learn how to use that knowledge in your personal life or down the road in a college or career


Question: What are your future plans? (multiple choice)

432 (93.5 %) said they were going to college.

7 (1.5%) said they were entering the workforce.

10 (2.2%) said they were going to the military or entering ROTC programs.

7 (1.5%) said they had other plans.

Question: Do you think CHS classes focus mainly on knowledge accumulation or application of that knowledge? (multiple choice)

420 (90.9%) said knowledge accumulation.

42 (9.1%) said knowledge application.

Question: Which would you rather have more of? (multiple choice)

84 (18.2%) said knowledge accumulation.

377 (81.8%)  said knowledge application.

Question: Which do you think is more important for your future plans? (multiple choice)

56 (12.1%) said knowledge accumulation.

405 (87.9%) said knowledge application.

Question: Do you think CHS classes prepare you for your future? (multiple choice)

332 (72.2%) said yes.

128 (27.8%) said no.

Question: Would you rather have assessments to test knowledge accumulation or project-based learning opportunities where you can apply what you learnt to real-world situations? (multiple choice)

141 (30.5%) said tests.

321 (69.5%) said projects.

Question: Do you like the current balance between knowledge accumulation and application in your classes? (multiple choice)

187 (40.6%) said yes.

274 (59.4%) said no.

We understand that there may be statistical error and misrepresentation of data.

The survey was conducted by the entire HiLite staff. The survey questions were written by Karen Zhang and Rhea Acharya.