TV Playlist: Coronathon [MUSE]


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Guys, this is NOT six feet apart!

Tessa Collinson and Natalie Khamis

Hi there! We’re Tessa and Natalie, this year’s entertainment editors. As movie and T.V. show lovers, we’re so excited to share our recommendations with you by guesting on Grace and Shruthi’s blog. We’ve put together a list of T.V. shows and movies to binge during our four-week break. We hope you enjoy these as much as we do!



Crash Landing on You
While this is another spin on your typical Romeo and Juliet story-line, this show will still have you hook, line and sinker, while also maintaining its relevance to today’s world.

While You Were Sleeping
When I’m looking for a show, I’m typically interested in ones with supernatural elements or law-related dramas. This K-Drama has both! With 16 action-packed episodes, this show will help the time fly by.

With twists and turns throughout this insane drama, this Academy Award-winning film is the perfect thing to keep you entertained.

Haven’t had a chance to watch this Academy Award-winning film? Well now’s your chance! At first, this movie appears to be your regular K-Drama, but becomes more unsettling throughout. While I’m typically not a fan of creepy movies, this one is a must-see.

Studio Ghibli
Over the break, I’m looking forward to curling up in a good blanket with a cup of tea and re-watching some of my favorite Studio Ghibli movies. For your Studio Ghibli marathon, I recommend watching:

  1. Howl’s Moving Castle
  2. Kiki’s Delivery Service
  3. My Neighbor Totoro
  4. Princess Mononoke
  5. Ponyo
  6. Spirited Away


To All The Boys I Loved Before
While I’m typically not a fan of girly movies like this, I absolutely adored snuggling up in a blanket to watch this film.

Love, Actually*
This is The classic romantic comedy, featuring different storylines that come together at the end of the film. 


The Marvel Cinematic Universe
Whether you’ve seen them before or just haven’t had a chance yet, this break is the perfect time to watch the movies everyone loves to talk about.

Baby Driver*
With clever cuts that not only match up with the music but sneakily hide location changes, this film is a cinematic masterpiece that deserves your time.

Die Hard*
This series of classic action films deserve a spot on our marathon list.

Mission Impossible
If you’re a Tom Cruise fan or not, these films are a must on any list of action movies.

James Bond
More specifically, the four most recent films starring Daniel Craig, especially with the release of No Time to Die later this year.

Natalie Khamis
As you watch these movies and T.V. shows, make sure to print this out and check them off!


Umbrella Academy
This dark, twisted series acts as not only another superhero show, but a deep look into familial relationships.

Joss Whedon Shows
Many know Joss Whedon for writing and directing the T.V. hit Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Slightly less well-known, yet just as good, are three of his other shows: Angel, Dollhouse and Firefly. I highly recommend you give at least one of them a try!

Stranger Things
Set in the 80’s, this show took the world by storm since its release on Netflix. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, I highly recommend it! It’s the perfect blend of supernatural and kids being kids.

Black Mirror*
This critically-acclaimed show takes a dark look at our current society and warns us of what may be to come if we don’t change for the better.

Star Wars Trilogy
With the recent release of the final installment of the sequel trilogy, take a day to sit and rewatch the classic Star Wars films.


On My Block
Four teens living in a rough L.A. neighborhood find their friendship put to the test as they begin high school.

This Spanish Netflix drama follows students at an elite secondary school, tackling typical teen dramas as well as fighting cliches.

Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls is a classic mother and daughter story. It follows Lorelei Gilmore, a teen mother, and her daughter Rory, who is now 16 as they grow together in their quirky town, Stars Hollow. 


The Office
If you haven’t at least tried to watch this popular comedy, now’s your chance to see what everyone is talking about.

Parks and Rec
Commonly compared to The Office, this workplace comedy follows the employees in a small town in Indiana’s Parks and Recreation department. You will fall in love with every character as you watch this classic. 

The Good Place
Ever wonder what happens when you die? Well this show puts a spin on the classic heaven vs hell scenario. With a gang of misfits and a few demons thrown into the mix it is a clean and lighthearted comedy for the family. 

Big Mouth*
A raunchy comedy about the mysteries of puberty. With cameos by many famous comedians, it appeals to the dirty side of your humor. 

Sex Education*
Despite its name, Sex Education focuses on some of the realities of being a teen in today’s society. While tackling topics such as homophobia and unwanted sexual advances, the show is also very educational on things that scared you during health class.

*Rated R/For Mature Audience. Parental Permission Advised.

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