DECA Conference Canceled

Q&A with Melissa Su, Chief of Role Plays of Carmel DECA and junior


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On March 3, 2020 junior Melissa Su and senior Hannah Liu take photos with DECA advisor Rob Holman during the DECA State Career Development Conference. This event was the last major DECA event before cancellations.

Viyang Hao

What event from DECA was canceled and can you explain what that event is? 

The International Career Development Conference (ICDC) was canceled. So ICDC is the annual international competition for DECA students. Students work from the beginning of the year to prepare for our district competition in order to qualify for our state competition that was held from March 1 to 3 in downtown Indianapolis. At our state competition, the top three (from certain events) for some and top four for other events qualified for the international competition. This year, it was going to take place in Nashville from April 29, I believe, to May 3. 


Why was ICDC canceled? 

Due to the (COVID-19) situation, the DECA organization decided it would be best to take precautionary steps to avoid the spread of any potential sickness at the conference. The conference has students attending from all over the world and the DECA board decided it would be best to avoid any risk from the gathering of so many students from so many different places. 


What event(s) will be replacing ICDC, if any? 

Unfortunately, I do not believe any event will be replacing ICDC and the DECA season will just restart normally at the beginning of the (next) school year. 


What are some plans that Carmel DECA has as the club continues to move forward? 

Carmel DECA will be establishing its executive team and leadership teams for the 2020-2021 school year and will work with this past year’s executive team to determine strategies to continue improving the club and making more successful. 


Are there any other plans that DECA has for the future? 

Right now we don’t have many concrete plans because we haven’t been able to sit down with next year’s executive team and discuss with them yet because the team hasn’t been selected yet. But once we are able to meet together, whether that be virtually or in-person if the situation improves, we will be able to develop some specific ideas. But as far as right now, nope. 


Is there anything else that I haven’t asked you, you think readers should know? 

I think even though it is really upsetting that ICDC was canceled, we should all be super grateful for the opportunities we did gain this year and the memories we were able to create. Hopefully, the current situation improves so that people are healthier soon. However, when we return, DECA will have fun things planned and we encourage many to try (DECA) out next year; (joining DECA will) be an awesome experience.