Maintenance staff prepares for winter season


Maintenance worker Fred Napier works on his computer during SSRT. Napier said communication is key in his job as he often gets called up in a moment’s notice.

Pranav Jothirajah

With the winter season right around the corner, the maintenance staff has begun to prepare themselves for it. In order to be fully equipped, maintenance worker Fred Napier says the department must take steps to protect the school and the people inside it from the cold.

Napier said via email, “Winter will be here soon and we will be very busy keeping the grounds free from snow and ice. Heating the facility will also become very important in order to keep everyone comfortable in a suitable learning environment.”

Senior Ameya Belamkar believes that in the past years the department has done a good job in keeping the school ready for the winter seasons.

“From what I remember over the (past three years) I feel like the building has been in good shape for the winter. The pathways and the trail are usually always cleared up and I never really feel uncomfortable in the building because of the temperature,” he said.