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Maintenance worker Fred Napier works on his computer during SRT. Napier said he uses SRT to check his email to ensure that he does not miss accidents or issues that may have come up in the middle of the school day.

Maintenance staff closes the school year, looks towards future

Pranav Jothirajah May 11, 2021

With the end of the school year a few weeks away, the maintenance staff continues their daily work and responsibilities in finishing the year. However, maintenance worker Fred Napier stated that as a team...

Maintenance worker Fred Napier works on his computer during SSRT. Napier said communication is key in his job as he often gets called up in a moments notice.

Maintenance staff prepares for winter season

Pranav Jothirajah October 28, 2020

With the winter season right around the corner, the maintenance staff has begun to prepare themselves for it. In order to be fully equipped, maintenance worker Fred Napier says the department must take...

With additional COVID-19 regulations, staff members find themselves working harder during school hours

With additional COVID-19 regulations, staff members find themselves working harder during school hours

Archit Kalra and Aniket Biswal September 25, 2020

Before COVID-19 shut this school down in March, French teacher Lisa Carroll already had her lessons planned out for the upcoming year. She knew she could use materials from past years to help her teach...

 Maintenance worker Fred Napier looks at work orders on his computer in the maintenance shop. Napier said that not only does the maintenance staff have to deal with big things like transitioning between sports seasons, but they also have to keep up with the day to day needs of the school and whatever teachers request.

Maintenance staff prepares for sports, performing arts, winter weather

Lillian He December 8, 2019

With the end of the football season this past weekend, winter sports are in full swing. This means additional tasks for the maintenance staff as they make sure all these sports have the equipment and area...

 Maintenance worker Fred Napier talks on the phone with the company that helps fix the school’s roof leaks. This is one of many things that maintenance workers have to do to help keep our school in prime condition.

Maintenance staff to continue mowing grass, maintaining stadium, fixing roof leaks, preparing for graduation

Lillian He May 14, 2019

Now that spring is in full swing and the school year is coming to an end the maintenance staff has more to do than ever. According to maintenance worker Fred Napier, this is the maintenance staff’s busiest...

Maintenance worker Fred Napier points to one of the school’s boilers. The maintenance department is currently working on preparing the school’s coolers for the upcoming warmer weather and they have an outside company helping them.

Maintenance department to de-winterize sports fields, continue preparing coolers

Lillian He March 27, 2019

With the start of spring sports like track and lacrosse, the sports fields need to be de-winterized. Maintenance worker Fred Napier said, “We spring clean the stadiums…turning on all the water we...

Maintenance worker Fred Napier holds a new water fountain that he will use to replace a water fountain that has broken. This is one of many routine tasks that the maintenance staff does to keep everything running smoothly.

Maintenance staff to get chillers ready for spring’s warmer weather

Lillian He March 7, 2019

The main goal of the maintenance staff over the next few weeks is to get the school ready for the approaching spring. The largest component of this is prepping and turning the school's chillers back on. Maintenance...

Maintenance worker Fred Napier sits at his computer looking through work orders. Work orders can be submitted by teachers around the building to let the maintenance staff know what needs to be fixed. Napier said, “This is an important part of our job as well. We spend just as much time sitting at computers as we do actually doing things around the school.”

Maintenance staff to continue repairing school after explosion, clear walkways of snow

Lillian He January 23, 2019

Due to the explosion that occurred over winter break, the maintenance staff is finding themselves busier than normal during this time of the year. Maintenance worker Fred Napier said, “(We’re) getting...

Maintenance worker Fred Napier points to a light in the activities office that went out earlier this week. This was one of many work orders that the maintenance staff has to look at on a daily basis.

Maintenance to change outside lights to LEDs

Lillian He December 12, 2018

As winter approaches, the maintenance staff is preparing for the cold weather by finishing up some of their last work outside. Maintenance foreman Mike Wyatt said one of the changes they hope to implement...

Repair, Then Renovate: CHS should consider adding to the maintenance budget rather than taking on costly renovations.

Repair, Then Renovate: CHS should consider adding to the maintenance budget rather than taking on costly renovations.

HiLite Staff, Staff August 15, 2017

Step inside one of the many bathrooms of CHS, and it’s not unlikely that one will find stalls with broken locks, malfunctioning toilets with various marks and scratches and small puddles covering...

CHS custodian Susie Denson doing what she does best in Family Consumer Science room after school.

A look into the life of a custodian (Behind the Scenes)

Julianna Kessilyas, Reporter October 20, 2016

When students leave CHS, custodians venture around doing their job, involving their utmost power and effort that takes to make the school prepared for whatever may be thrown in its direction. Many students...

Maintenance foreman Mike Wyatt takes the top off of a boiler plug. Wyatt does this in order to clean the inside of the plug for inspection. He also has to clean the chillers to prepare them for use.

Maintenance department prepares for spring season

Beats March 5, 2013

As the temperature changes, the maintenance department is ready to turn on the air conditioning in CHS. Maintenance department member Mike Wyatt said, “We’re getting ready for air conditioning....

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