Maintenance staff closes the school year, looks towards future


Maintenance worker Fred Napier works on his computer during SRT. Napier said he uses SRT to check his email to ensure that he does not miss accidents or issues that may have come up in the middle of the school day.

Pranav Jothirajah

With the end of the school year a few weeks away, the maintenance staff continues their daily work and responsibilities in finishing the year. However, maintenance worker Fred Napier stated that as a team the maintenance staff must continue their work into the next upcoming school year.

“Essentially we have a lot of work to do with just our daily responsibilities that we have to take care of. But beyond that we have to make sure to continue our job into the summer as some (sports) teams will still be practicing during this time and utilizing the building,” said Napier. “Throughout the summer this will be one of our main focuses and when summer ends we have to make sure we’re ready for school to start back up.”

Connor Heagy, junior and varsity cross country runner, stated that the building has always been in good shape over the summer.

“(The cross country team) holds our practices four days a week during the summer. We use the locker room right by the natatorium but sometimes I end up walking around the schools to get to certain places. Whenever I do that the school always looks pretty clean,” said Heagy. “I know they were doing some construction in the previous years but even with that the building temperature is always cool and it’s always nice to get back inside after a hot workout.”