A look into the life of a custodian (Behind the Scenes)

Many after school custodians work behind the scenes in which many do not physically notice but definitely recognize the work that’s put into what makes this school great.

CHS custodian Susie Denson doing what she does best in Family Consumer Science room after school.

CHS custodian Susie Denson doing what she does best in Family Consumer Science room after school.

When students leave CHS, custodians venture around doing their job, involving their utmost power and effort that takes to make the school prepared for whatever may be thrown in its direction. Many students go about their days not considering what happens when they are not around. While others like junior Lauren Taylor recognize the great effort it takes.

“They create a good learning environment for us,” Taylor said.

Not only do students recognize the work of the custodians but teachers like intermediate precalculus/trigonometry and IB Mathematical Studies teacher Paige Wehr does too.

“They have a huge impact, I can’t imagine having to do all the maintenance in my classroom as well as the rest of the school. They really help a lot,” Wehr said.

CHS as well as the rest of Carmel Clay does its fair share of appreciating the hard work custodians put into making this school great by having an entire week to honor its maintenance staff and custodians. According to CHS custodian Susie Denson, students and staff appreciate them everyday as well.

“I have kids that come down the hallway all the time saying thank you for what you do for us,” Denson said.

“They deserve the recognition given to them,” Taylor said. “Without them the school would crumble.”

According to Denson little gifts of appreciation are a way students and teachers recognize their work. “(During) Christmas time you get little perks and that’s nice,” Denson said.

The tasks custodians take upon vary depending on the time of day. Whether it’s in the morning or after school, their job is very much needed.

“During the day they’ve got a much different job than what they do after school,” Wehr said.

Not only do the tasks differ but the specific locations in the school where the custodians work do too.

“I love my area because I have (Family) Consumer Science and all the offices and upperclassman come find you and they all acknowledge you. If you do a good job they want you stay in their area,” Denson said.

Flexibility is a unique trait in which many custodians carry. Allowing them to complete whatever duty may be assigned in their way.

“Especially on short turn around days like if the SAT’s are the next day, from a Friday to a Saturday they’ve got to get everything done that they would normally get done over the entire weekend (in one day),” Wehr said.

Wehr, like many teachers stay after school enable them to witness the custodians work.

“After school they actually come into every single classroom and clean all of the desks, all of the boards, empty all of the trash cans (and) vacuum up the floors,” Wehr said.

Although custodial service may go unseen, it’s a significant part to the school and to the custodians as well.

“I just like cleaning. I guess that’s my calling.” Denson said.