A Young President Predictor

Senior Jack Missler explains how he developed his method of predicting the election results by listing the statistics he used to help him derive his equation. He said he is disappointed with the results, but finds that it is an opportunity to grow.

Adhi Ramkumar, Story

December 12, 2016

According to CNN, a record-breaking 71 million people watched the results of the election come in on Nov. 8. While the entire nation was awake, senior Jack Missler eagerly waited to see if his algorithm predicting voter turnout and election results would work. Missler said, “(I developed two) separate ...

A look into the life of a custodian (Behind the Scenes)

CHS custodian Susie Denson doing what she does best in Family Consumer Science room after school.

Julianna Kessilyas, Reporter

October 20, 2016

When students leave CHS, custodians venture around doing their job, involving their utmost power and effort that takes to make the school prepared for whatever may be thrown in its direction. Many students go about their days not considering what happens when they are not around. While others like j...

Indian Student Association has new leaders

ISA leadership sit down at lunch to discuss new changes for the club. PHOTO/ ANNIKA WOLFF


February 3, 2016

Indian Student Association (ISA) has been searching for a new identify all year with the lost of its founder and president graduating last year. While senior Aryaman Gupta was president beginning this year, club leadership has been placed into the hands of sophomore Alina Husain. “The old leaders...

Indian Student Alliance has yet to choose next president

Gupta talks with friends after an AP exam. Gupta may take over as president of ISA next year, but it is still undecided.


May 12, 2015

Many of the members of Indian Student Alliance (ISA) will be graduating in May, which will leave the club without leadership in the coming fall. Club sponsor and teacher Paige Wehr, has some concerns about the future of the club. Via email Wehr said, “I honestly do not know if the club will con...

Indian Student Alliance will not have a meeting this Friday

Indian Student Alliance (ISA) members at the Holi party from last school year.


April 16, 2015

Indian Student Alliance (ISA) will not have a club meeting this week do to scheduling conflicts with the members. The executive council members are all seniors and have been unable to meet to discuss club details. Nida Khan, club president and senior, has not decided when the next meeting will o...

Indian Student to meet Dec. 4, plan Cultural Events

 ISA members during a Friday meeting listen to Nida Khan, club president and senior.


December 2, 2014

On Dec. 4, Indian Student Alliance (ISA) will make plans for cultural events with other foreign cultural clubs in Room A326 after school. ISA member and sophomore Vishnu Vaid approached Nida Khan, club president and senior, earlier this month about doing events with other clubs. The meeting will take...

Indian Student Alliance to Hold Diwali Party

The executive council of ISA stand at the call out meeting and introduce themselves to the new club members.


September 25, 2014

Indian Student Alliance (ISA) will have an executive council meeting this Friday in Room A326 to plan a Diwali celebration. Diwali is a Hindu festival that means the festival of lights. Officer and junior Aryaman Gupta said it is similar to Christmas. Traditionally, gifts are exchanged to fami...

Indian Student Alliance to hold call-out meeting

Aryaman Gupta sits in on an officer meeting Aug. 29.


September 16, 2014

On Sept. 19 Indian Student Alliance (ISA) plans to hold a call-out meeting in Room A326 after school. The club’s goals this year are to gain new members and be involved in a variety of activities. “I hope that a bunch of people come and then that we will hopefully be able to retain half,” sai...

Check it out: CHS greenhouse


February 15, 2013

When taking a close look around room A300, eventually one would notice a hidden door, leading to a green plant that overflows from its pot. Beside that plant dangles a huge stuffed animal snake, light brown and darkly spotted. Not known to many students, this door leads to a greenhouse that was used until around five years ago. This greenhouse was...

Indian Student Alliance to meet Feb. 1 to plan fundraisers and Indian events


January 30, 2013

The Indian Student Alliance (ISA) will have a meeting on Feb. 1, during which they will discuss some ideas about fundraising for the child whom they are sponsoring, as well as Indian holidays that the members plan on celebrating. Paige Wehr, sponsor of the ISA, said, “We’re thinking about doing...

Indian Student Alliance to have end-of-semester party


December 4, 2012

The Indian Student Alliance (ISA) will have an end-of-semester party after school on Dec. 21 in Room A300. The meeting will be slightly longer than normal meetings. The ISA will provide Indian food and music for the members to embrace their culture. generic cialis The party was originally supposed to be ...