Maintenance staff to continue mowing grass, maintaining stadium, fixing roof leaks, preparing for graduation


Maintenance worker Fred Napier talks on the phone with the company that helps fix the school’s roof leaks. This is one of many things that maintenance workers have to do to help keep our school in prime condition.

Lillian He

Now that spring is in full swing and the school year is coming to an end the maintenance staff has more to do than ever. According to maintenance worker Fred Napier, this is the maintenance staff’s busiest time of the year.

One thing that Napier has said they are working on is mowing the grass around the school since it has been growing significantly faster with the onset of warmer weather.

He said, “We’ve been working on mowers all day, and the guys that were out mowing, their mowers broke down, we brought them in here and fixed them so they could keep mowing.”

Napier also said that the maintenance staff is in charge of making sure that the stadium is in good shape for all the athletic events that take place down there, track and field meets in particular.

“We’re spending a lot of time down at the track and field making sure the water fountains are working so that they can hydrate…making sure electricity is flowing down there before track meets,” Napier said.

Napier also added that one thing the maintenance department is looking ahead to is preparing for the post-graduation party that will take place in the freshman center. He said they are preparing to hang decorations and games from the cafeteria ceiling.

Additionally, due to heavier rainfall the maintenance staff will continue to deal with several roof leaks particularly in the freshman center.

Napier said, “We have a company that comes in and takes care of those, but we have to locate the leak.”

Freshman Snehashree Muthuramesh said, “I haven’t personally seen one of the roof leaks but I think that shows how good our maintenance staff is, that they can fix it quickly and make sure things like that don’t affect our learning, or everyday activities.”