Maintenance worker Fred Napier talks on the phone with the company that helps fix the school’s roof leaks. This is one of many things that maintenance workers have to do to help keep our school in prime condition.

Maintenance staff to continue mowing grass, maintaining stadium, fixing roof leaks, preparing for graduation

Lillian He May 14, 2019

Now that spring is in full swing and the school year is coming to an end the maintenance staff has more to do than ever. According to maintenance worker Fred Napier, this is the maintenance staff’s busiest...

 Maintenance worker Fred Napier gestures at one of this school’s chillers. The maintenance department is continuing to work on the chillers with help from Edward’s Electrical and Mechanical to ensure that the school stays at a comfortable temperature.

Maintenance department to continue working on chillers, prevent roof leaks

Lillian He April 24, 2019

With spring now in full swing, the maintenance department is focusing on making sure the chillers are working well. Maintenance foreman Mike Wyatt said, “We’re getting the cooling systems up and running...

Maintenance worker Fred Napier holds a new water fountain that he will use to replace a water fountain that has broken. This is one of many routine tasks that the maintenance staff does to keep everything running smoothly.

Maintenance staff to get chillers ready for spring’s warmer weather

Lillian He March 7, 2019

The main goal of the maintenance staff over the next few weeks is to get the school ready for the approaching spring. The largest component of this is prepping and turning the school's chillers back on. Maintenance...

Maintenance worker Fred Napier points to a light in the activities office that went out earlier this week. This was one of many work orders that the maintenance staff has to look at on a daily basis.

Maintenance to change outside lights to LEDs

Lillian He December 12, 2018

As winter approaches, the maintenance staff is preparing for the cold weather by finishing up some of their last work outside. Maintenance foreman Mike Wyatt said one of the changes they hope to implement...

 Maintenance worker Fred Sheats builds a platform on which he can rest light fixtures while he replaces the lights in the varsity gym. The change from incandescent to LED lights in the varsity gym is one of several things the maintenance department worked on to get ready for winter sports.

Maintenance checks scoreboards, other things to get ready for winter sports

Lillian He November 26, 2018

Following the conclusion of the majority of fall sports, the maintenance department has turned its attention to getting the gyms ready for the winter sports teams. Maintenance foreman Mike Wyatt said,...

Maintenance worker Frederick “Fred” Sheats checks the alternator on a DC generator. This is one of the many jobs that he and the other maintenance staff do around the school on a regular basis.

Maintenance staff to help with Homecoming festivities

Lillian He September 27, 2018

One upcoming event for not only the maintenance department but for the whole school as well is Homecoming. The maintenance staff has a substantial behind-the-scenes job to do in preparation for this event. Maintenance...

Maintenance worker Fred Napier prepares to repaint the wooden boards in the freshman gym. The maintenance staff had to do many little things around the school everyday to keep it in working order.

Maintenance staff to repaint part of freshman gym

April 18, 2018

In the next couple of days, the maintenance staff will be repainting part of the freshman gym. The paint on the ceilings of the two side alcoves has begun to chip off, exposing and cracking the wood underneath....

Maintenance foreman Mike Wyatt takes the top off of a boiler plug. Wyatt does this in order to clean the inside of the plug for inspection. He also has to clean the chillers to prepare them for use.

Maintenance staff to clean chillers for use

March 22, 2018

The maintenance staff is working on cleaning the school’s chillers in order to make sure they are in working condition for the coming warmer season. “Water runs through the chillers on its way up...

A construction worker organizes his equipment on the construction lift. Assistant Principal Doug Bird said that the construction team plans to finish the new fitness center for the 2013-2014 school year. CLAUDIA HUANG / PHOTO

Construction on new fitness center continues

Beats April 23, 2013

According to Assistant Principal Doug Bird, the construction team is working to complete the new fitness center. Bird said, “It’s coming along. We’re happy with it. I think the timeline’s...

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