Maintenance staff to help with Homecoming festivities


Lillian He

Maintenance worker Frederick “Fred” Sheats checks the alternator on a DC generator. This is one of the many jobs that he and the other maintenance staff do around the school on a regular basis.

Lillian He

One upcoming event for not only the maintenance department but for the whole school as well is Homecoming. The maintenance staff has a substantial behind-the-scenes job to do in preparation for this event.

Maintenance foreman Mike Wyatt said, “We’re working on getting ready for Homecoming…we have to get the shingles for the play houses and do several other things…” Without the maintenance staff and other people working behind the scenes Homecoming would be a different experience.

Melissa Su, senator and sophomore said, “I feel incredibly thankful for our amazing maintenance workers because we wouldn’t be able to do half the things we do now for Homecoming without some of their help.”