Maintenance staff prepares for sports, performing arts, winter weather


Maintenance worker Fred Napier looks at work orders on his computer in the maintenance shop. Napier said that not only does the maintenance staff have to deal with big things like transitioning between sports seasons, but they also have to keep up with the day to day needs of the school and whatever teachers request.

Lillian He

With the end of the football season this past weekend, winter sports are in full swing. This means additional tasks for the maintenance staff as they make sure all these sports have the equipment and area they need.

Maintenance worker Fred Napier said via email, “We are preparing for inside winter sports which include basketball, wrestling, and swimming (both) boys and girls.  These sports require that time clocks and goals are positioned correctly for basketball games as well as lighting.  Swimming is starting, and it is important to keep the pool water at the right temperature, humidity level and water conditions such as pH level just like we do all year round.”

According to Napier, another aspect of the ending of fall sports is ‘winterizing’ the stadium, or preparing it for the winter months.

Napier said, “We are still winterizing football stadium…so water lines do not burst during the cold winter months and cause additional issues.”

Napier also said that the auditorium is another area of the building that the maintenance staff is working on with all the winter programs like Holiday Spectacular.

“We must make sure all seating is secure and ready for occupants viewing these holiday events.  For example, this also includes lighting in all aisle ways so guests can find their seats when regular lighting is not an available during the show.”

Annie Kim, player in the Holiday Spectacular Pit Orchestra and junior, said that she enjoys the experience and is thankful for all the work the maintenance staff does.

“It’s good to know that the maintenance staff is keeping everyone safe so that they can enjoy the show that we are putting on,” Kim said.

Outside of sports and performing arts, the winter months also create additional challenges in terms of weather. Napier said that keeping the school safe in cold weather is incredibly important.

“With temperatures getting below freezing every night it is additionally important that we keep an eye on the weather to salt and plow as needed.  We come in very early before school starts to ensure the safety of administration, faculty, staff and students. Sometimes we come in at 4 to 5 a.m. to ensure all lots are safe.”