Seniors work on college, scholarship applications with help of College and Career Resource Center

Darshini Shankar

The College and Career Resource Center (CCRC) assists seniors as they wrap up college applications and begin looking at scholarships.

According to Melinda Stephan, College and Career Programming and Resources Coordinator, “Once everybody gets the bulk of their applications for colleges in, it’s definitely going to be an appropriate time to start looking at scholarship resources.”

Although some college applications were due on Nov. 1, Stephan said the CCRC will continue to help seniors with college applications that have later deadlines.

“We have a college essay and application help session every gold in-person day through the month of November. We’ll continue to help (because) there are still Dec. 1 deadlines and Jan. 1 deadlines, so we’re going to try to help our seniors as long as we possibly can with that process,” Stephan said.

Senior Chloe Chui said via email that she already submitted some college applications, but still has a few with later deadlines.

“I’m done with all my Early Actions and am moving on to Regular Decision,” Chui said. “For the majority of the colleges I have already applied to, their deadlines were Nov. 1. The rest (are) due around Jan. 1.”

After seniors complete most of their college applications, Stephan said the CCRC will shift focus towards scholarships, particularly local ones.

Stephan said, “The Carmel Education Foundation Scholarship Application will open up the day we leave for winter break, so we’ll start promoting that with our students. Particularly once (seniors) get their college (applications) done, then we really want them to start focusing on scholarships.”

This is not the first scholarship application the CCRC has dealt with. According to Stephan, counselors nominated students for a few scholarships earlier in the school year.

“There’s a few (other) scholarships that have been out there,” Stephan said. “There’s a couple that we (could) nominate students for early in the school year, but most of those local scholarships start to come around (in) November, December and January.”

Additionally, Chui said she has more time to work on college and scholarship applications with the hybrid schedule this year.

According to Chui, “The college application process is very stressful, but honestly, with the hybrid schedule, there is a lot more time to focus on (college and scholarship applications).”