Senior Class officers encourage senior participation

Senior Class treasurer Meera Murthy works on homework at the library during SRT. She says she finds the library as an ideal place to work due to its quiet and productive atmosphere.

Leah Tan

February 6, 2020

As we progress through the second semester, Senior Class officers encourage the Senior Class to participate in more school activities. According to Senior Class treasurer Meera Murthy, that has been their main focus as they remain inactive from planning new events.  “Any club throughout the school is...

Senior Class officers brainstorm senior-specific events

Senior Class vice president Lydia Yong plays a game in the Stats Fair during SRT.

Leah Tan

January 16, 2020

The Senior Class officers are planning smaller, senior-specific events for the second semester following winter break. According to Senior Class vice president Lydia Yong, some ideas include a senior spirit week or a Senior Class game of assassin. “Our only wish is that you get involved by participa...

Senior Class plans for next semester

Senior Class president Parker Gatlin browses the internet during SRT. After finishing her homework, Gatlin said she enjoys to use SRT to relax.

Leah Tan

December 1, 2019

The Senior Class officers are planning smaller events for next semester as we near the end of the semester. According to Senior Class president Parker Gatlin, they’ve been planning a fundraiser for their main charity the Carmel Youth Assistance program. “After finishing up our biggest activity, Home...

Senior Class officers start the year with new changes and plans

Senior Class president Parker Gatlin checks her email and works on homework during SRT. According to Gatlin, she's trying to maintain a productive attitude throughout the entirety of the school year despite many seniors falling for

Leah Tan

September 9, 2019

The new Senior Class officers are preparing for the school year with a different mindset: trying to give back more to the school and community. In order to achieve this, Senior Class president, Parker Gatlin, said they have been working closely with the other groups at CHS, such as Senate and Cabin...

Senior Class active as Graduation quickly approaches

Senior Class secretary Hannah Nist reads the New York Times Upfront Magazine published by Scholastic Inc. The publication is specifically driven towards highschool students. According to Nist, she reads it in order to gain inspiration for her Yearbook class.

Leah Tan

May 18, 2019

The Senior Class is currently active as the school year closes to its last month. According to Senior Class secretary, Hannah Nist, the officers helped the Junior Class officers plan for prom, which took place on Saturday, May 4, and are now preparing for graduation on May 30. “We mainly just helped the junior...

Senior Class inactive until prom and graduation

Senior Class secretary Hannah Nist prints out a study guide for her upcoming history test. As the quarter finished up, she promised herself to finish her last year strong.

April 6, 2019

The Senior Class is currently inactive until prom and graduation. According to Senior Class secretary Hannah Nist, there is not much the officers have to do, hence the lack of actions taken. “Everyone [Senior Class] is currently doing their own thing, like finishing up their last year, so that’s ...

Senior Class is currently inactive, but excited for graduation

Leah Tan

March 8, 2019

The Senior Class is inactive as the class as a whole finishes up their last semester. According to Senior Class Secretary Hannah Nist, the only events the Senior Class officers are responsible for are graduation and prom, which they haven’t started to avidly prepare for yet. “We don’t have any pressing pri...

Senior Class officers help Junior Class with prom

Leah Tan

February 17, 2019

The Senior Class officers are planning to help the Junior Class with the next upcoming event: prom. According to Senior Class secretary Hannah Nist, the Senior Class officer’s role is to assist the juniors in any way. “The Junior Class are the ones that do the majority of the work. We can just help...

Senior Class is inactive, officers plan to help for other events before graduation

Leah Tan

January 16, 2019

The Senior Class is currently inactive; however, the officers themselves have been continuing to work. The next event that the Senior Class officers are responsible for is graduation; however, planning has yet to start. Senior Class Secretary Hannah Nist said, “We have not started to plan yet regardin...

Senior Class is inactive but officers still prepare

Leah Tan

December 6, 2018

The Senior Class is currently inactive. According to Meredith Lipps, Senior Class President, the officers have yet to receive any instructions from the sponsors and administrators, so little action has been taking regarding the next upcoming event: graduation. Despite that, the officers have been pr...

Senior Class takes a break before preparing for graduation

Leah Tan

November 11, 2018

The Senior Class is currently inactive before they prepare for their next big event, graduation. Their previous event that they were responsible for was Homecoming, so as of now they have been taking a break. Meredith Lipps, the Senior Class president, talks about graduation and the committee’s respons...

Senior Class officers busy preparing for Homecoming week

Leah Tan

September 28, 2018

The Senior Class officers have been busy preparing for the most active week of the year for them: Homecoming. Their responsibilities include selling Homecoming T-shirts, hosting competitions, and promoting the Homecoming game and dance. One of the most prominent competitions they promote is playhouse bui...