Senior Class officers start the year with new changes and plans


Senior Class president Parker Gatlin checks her email and works on homework during SRT. According to Gatlin, she’s trying to maintain a productive attitude throughout the entirety of the school year despite many seniors falling for “senioritis”, a condition that is associated with decreased motivation among students as they approach the end of the school year.

Leah Tan

The new Senior Class officers are preparing for the school year with a different mindset: trying to give back more to the school and community.

In order to achieve this, Senior Class president, Parker Gatlin, said they have been working closely with the other groups at CHS, such as Senate and Cabinet.

“We are doing this to promote each others’ events, so we can reach a wider audience and hopefully help more in our community.” Gatlin said.

Another way the Senior Class officers are trying to accomplish their goal is by donating to the Carmel Youth Assistance Program. Senior Class sponsor, Kristi LeVeque, said “All of our Homecoming fundraisers will benefit the Carmel Youth Assistance Program. In fact, all of our activities this year will be focused on benefiting that organization.”

Lastly, the Senior Class officers are trying to unite the Senior Class as a whole by organizing more Senior Class only events. Gatlin said, “This year we are doing a lot more senior events in order to really finish out the last year strong, so hopefully we will be able to start doing those things once a month once we figure everything out.”

With this goal in mind, their current focus is organizing Homecoming, an activity designated as the Senior Class officers’ responsibility. This includes planning out their ideas, gathering all the necessary resources, and advertising to the school. Homecoming will take place on Sept. 27.