Senior Class is inactive but officers still prepare

Leah Tan

The Senior Class is currently inactive. According to Meredith Lipps, Senior Class President, the officers have yet to receive any instructions from the sponsors and administrators, so little action has been taking regarding the next upcoming event: graduation. Despite that, the officers have been preparing by themselves nonetheless.
Lipps said, “Since the semester is coming to a close, we haven’t had any recent meetings as class officers with our focuses being on school work, but that will hopefully change after winter break when graduation comes. However, I have been consistently adding ideas and events that I believe are noteworthy to include in my graduation speech as the year progresses.”

Joe Steele, Senior Class sponsor, explained his thoughts regarding graduation and the Senior Class: “Graduation is always an exciting time for seniors as it is a culmination of their four years of hard work.”

Aside from preparing for graduation, the officers have been trying to make the Senior Class’s year as memorable as possible. Lipps said, “As an officer, I would just like to tell the senior class to reach out to any of the officers with any ideas they would like to be brought about to make our senior year more memorable. We would love to make sure everyone’s wishes for the year are fulfilled.” By Leah Tan