Senior Class active as Graduation quickly approaches


Senior Class secretary Hannah Nist reads the New York Times Upfront Magazine published by Scholastic Inc. The publication is specifically driven towards highschool students. According to Nist, she reads it in order to gain inspiration for her Yearbook class.

Leah Tan

The Senior Class is currently active as the school year closes to its last month. According to Senior Class secretary, Hannah Nist, the officers helped the Junior Class officers plan for prom, which took place on Saturday, May 4, and are now preparing for graduation on May 30.

“We mainly just helped the juniors in terms of logistics as well as promotion, so it wasn’t anything too big,” Nist said. “But, pretty soon we are supposed to get our scripts of what we will say on graduation day; however, Senior Class president Meredith Lipps has to write her own, so she’s been working on that.”

Likewise, the Senior Class sponsors are active. According to Senior Class sponsor Joe Steele, they have finished all logistical work.

“We’ve got all the plans in place, the rehearsals are all set, and the meals are all planned, so we’re all good,” Steele said. “The only thing we have to do is bring extra pairs of shoes and other miscellaneous things on rehearsal day in case students forget to bring their appropriate items.”

“As the year closes to an end, I’d like to remark how uniting the Senior Class has been, and I’m glad we can finish strong,” Nist said. By Leah Tan