Senior Class plans for next semester


Senior Class president Parker Gatlin browses the internet during SRT. After finishing her homework, Gatlin said she enjoys to use SRT to relax.

Leah Tan

The Senior Class officers are planning smaller events for next semester as we near the end of the semester. According to Senior Class president Parker Gatlin, they’ve been planning a fundraiser for their main charity the Carmel Youth Assistance program.

“After finishing up our biggest activity, Homecoming, we’ve been planning a smaller fundraiser. We’ve been brainstorming either a toy drive or coat drive.”

Senior Class sponsor Kristi LeVeque said, “We’ve been working closely with administration to see what our limitations are. Once everything is confirmed, we’ll move away from the planning stage.”

In addition to fundraising, the Senior Class officers have been trying to encourage school spirit among the student body, especially within the Senior Class.

“We’ve been especially encouraging people to attend sports events or events sponsored by other leadership bodies, like Cabinet or Senate,” Gatlin said. “Our newest proposal is to possibly hold a senior tailgate to encourage participation among the Senior Class. After all, it’s our last year, so have fun.”