Senior Class officers encourage senior participation


Senior Class treasurer Meera Murthy works on homework at the library during SRT. She says she finds the library as an ideal place to work due to its quiet and productive atmosphere.

Leah Tan

As we progress through the second semester, Senior Class officers encourage the Senior Class to participate in more school activities. According to Senior Class treasurer Meera Murthy, that has been their main focus as they remain inactive from planning new events.

 “Any club throughout the school is open to having new people join. Riley Dance Marathon, or any sports events are great ways to get involved.”

According to Senior Class sponsor Kristi LeVeque, the officers have primarily been communicating amongst themselves, leaving the sponsors to remain more hands-off.

“We’ve been really proud of the work and leadership they’ve done so far. It’s neat to see them take control, especially as the leaders of the student body.”

Murthy also applauds other seniors for taking initiative. “I see a lot of leadership in different clubs and activities throughout the school, and it’s really encouraging that they want to be involved in the school themselves,” Murthy said. “It’s been our goal to see that.”

As graduation quickly approaches, Murthy hopes the Senior Class maintains the positive attitude.

“Finish out strong and don’t let senioritis get to you!”