Media Center to have new displays, book clubs

Riley Laferriere

According to Terri Ramos, media center and communications department chairperson, there are events continuing within the media center, one being the new book club additions. These book clubs include the #CurrentlyReading, SilverHounds, Virtual Club and SSRT branches.

Ramos said, “I didn’t do much with (the book clubs) last semester just to get used to Covid-19, but I think we’re all pretty used to that and how to manage it (now).” She also said the SSRT club and SilverHounds will meet on the week of March 22nd.

Sophomore Amelia Fahl said via email she recently joined the #CurrentlyReading book club as a fun way to hear about new books. “I joined the #CurrentlyReading book club because I don’t like being assigned pages to read in school,” Fahl said. “I’d rather go at my own pace and not have to stress about reading a certain amount of pages on time.”

In terms of smaller changes, Ramos said the book displays and decorations are always changing within the media center. She said the March displays will be largely focused on National Women’s History Month and the LBGTQ+ community.

Fahl said she appreciates the displays. “ I think the displays in the media center are really interesting,” Fahl said via email. “They always catch my eye and I think they are always really well put together.”