ISSMA to take place virtually

Jasmine Zhang

Due to the pandemic, the Carmel Orchestras’ plan to participate in the ISSMA performance this year virtually.

According to Maggie Hite, associate director of orchestras, “We will record those performances and make them available for friends and family to view.”

Carmel Orchestras’ after-school rehearsals were canceled in the beginning of the semester to COVID-19. Rachel Wu, a member of Symphony Orchestra and sophomore, is glad that ISSMA is not canceled this year.

“It is sad to see many performances and rehearsals cancelled due to COVID-19, so I hope to do well at ISSMA this year.” Wu said.

Wu added that she is glad ISSMA will be virtual this year as there are still COVID-19 cases in the community.

“Although being a virtual student takes away some of the engagement you would have otherwise, I think this will give us an opportunity to perform like we always have. For example, for concerts and other performances, they were virtual and recorded too. I think this will allow us to do our best.” Wu said.