Cheerleaders prepare for homecoming week, Share the Spirit on Sept. 23


The cheerleading team paints storefronts in Carmel downtown as part of their preparations for homecoming week. Brooke Kibler, head coach of competition and football cheer, said the cheerleaders spend several hours painting storefronts to raise homecoming spirit for the football game on Sept. 24.

Darshini Shankar

According to Brooke Kibler, head coach of competition and football cheer, the cheerleaders are raising spirits for homecoming week. Kibler said the cheerleaders decorate storefronts in Carmel downtown to prepare for the parade and football game on Sept. 24.

“We’re still going to paint the town. So we go downtown and ask local businesses if we’re allowed to paint their storefronts, (and) we spend several hours doing that,” Kibler said.

Varsity cheerleader and senior Lanie Gerth said the cheerleaders also decorate the football players’ cars and participate in other activities with the football team to excite them for the homecoming football game.

“We’ll go to the football team dinner. We’ll decorate the football team’s cars,” Gerth said. “We’ll give them Rice Krispies Treats after practice (and) they’ll give us smoothies or something at some point. And then our parents decorate their locker rooms.”

On the day of the homecoming game, the cheerleaders will continue to encourage team spirit and cheer on the football team. Kibler said the cheerleaders will interact with fans at tailgates.

According to Kibler, “We do what we call a tailgate rally. So we go around to all the different tailgates and just try to get them fired up. We have some candy and little pompoms that we pass out to the fans, just to encourage them to cheer for our ‘hounds.”

Aside from homecoming preparations, Kibler said the cheerleaders will also begin to train for their competition season by hosting Share the Spirit on Sept. 23 at 6:30 p.m.

“It’s the first time that we showcase our routines for competition,” Kibler said. “We normally invite Carmel, Clay, and Creekside middle schools to come and perform as well, along with the Carmel Pups (cheerleaders). It’s basically just building those relationships with the feeder schools and having them come in.”

Gerth said she is excited to see the cheerleaders from elementary and middle schools at Share the Spirit.

“I like having everyone there. And even (being) on the track instead of having people in the stands, it’s a lot more exciting. Share the Spirit is going to be a lot better with everyone,” Gerth said.

 The admission fee to attend Share the Spirit will be one canned food item per family. Kibler said the cheerleaders will donate these items to a food bank.

Kibler said, “We asked for people to bring in a canned good item when they come in for admission. That way, all those families bring in a canned good (and) we donate it to a local food bank.”