Media specialists plan to attend conference, adjust SSRT procedures, plan new displays, activities


Media specialist Theresa Ramos decorates the roof of the communications department’s gingerbread house with small paper book covers. Ramos said each department was tasked with decorating one.

Riley TerBush

After attending the library conference in Indianapolis, media specialist Theresa Ramos was inspired to add new features to the CHS library. 

Ramos said she is planning to introduce a “library of things” for students to check out, 

“There are certain libraries in the state who are starting or have started libraries of things,” Ramos said. “So for (their) public library, it’s like everything from ice cream makers to electronics, all sorts of things. And they have three categories, things that you only use once in a while, things that you want to try before you buy.”

She said she will advertise the new “library of things” with an upcoming display in the library’s entrance in January.

Also inspired by the conference, Ramos has ordered books by international authors. 

The books will not be a part of their own section, but Ramos said she will consider labeling the books as international titles so students can look for them specifically. 

“I have a whole bunch of YA through picture books (ordered) that are from other countries,” Ramos said. “So I’m very excited about adding those titles because to me, that truly speaks to diversity. It’s a completely different viewpoint.” 

As a result of the conference, Ramos is taking a course to learn how to teach students to use sources. 

“I learn how to teach kids to think like historians, so to use primary sources,” Ramos said.

The library’s new SSRT procedures are in place, and all teachers are part of the new digital pass system. Students who need to do work in the library must have a teacher submit a digital pass to the library, and when students go to the library they must scan their student ID instead of bringing a paper pass. 

“We have a limit right now of 100,” Ramos said. “Today, we started out with 140 or 150 seniors before the SSRT bell even rang so 250. Especially with COVID trying to keep people apart a little bit, you’re starting to kind of get kind of crowded. And then of course we get people who are not using the system yet so we’re over 250.”

Senior Arya Musthyala said the system has been working well to reduce capacity.

“There have been less people this week,” she said. 

Students can continue to work on puzzles set up in the library. Ramos said there is also a new take-home papercraft display at the front of the library at which students can create paper lanterns and other decorations. 

As for the results of Ramos’s Thanksgiving pie-baking contest, the winner was staff member Jennifer Hines with a caramel apple pie. Her achievement is memorialized on a golden rolling pin with other winners in Ramos’s office. By Riley TerBush.