IB Literature allows for deeper understandings in literary work


Kate L

IB Literature student Mila Bonewitz seen reading below. She was seen reviewing her notes during SSRT.

Kate Loper

Among the many English classes offered here, IB Literature is one of the several advanced courses offered. This class is open to those in their Junior or Senior year and allows students to apply literature they read to real-world scenarios.

“This is a literature class that brings in other cultures and time periods and not just a traditional cannon approach to it,” English teacher and IB Diploma Coordinator Kathleen Overbeck said. 

IB Literature studies various forms of written literature. Students discuss literary works, then do a presentation or some form of written understanding. This course allows students to work together and share thoughts with one another to build a deeper understanding.  Junior Mila Bonewitz comments about why she has signed up for IB Literature.

“I wanted a class more challenging than a block class or one-semester class, and I really liked the main concepts of this class like deep literary analysis, which I feel I can grasp pretty well,” she said. 

This class teaches valuable life skills to all who take it. Skills that will last them through college or even through their entire lives. When asked why she thinks this course is important, Overbeck comments, 

“I think it provides our students with a different type of high-level literature study, it allows students to take a longer time in a particular piece, and we also spend a lot of time talking about the background of literature, so it is almost a bit of a history class within an English course.”