Men’s cross country team adjusting to changes, competes in Sectionals Oct. 8


Men’s cross country team runs against many schools in the Brownsburg Invitational. Coach Altevogt said that the team has a great chance to be a top contender for the State championship in early October.

Eddie Sun

The men’s cross country team will compete against Guerin on Oct. 5. The team is preparing for Sectionals on Oct. 8. 

            Patton Lee, men’s runner and junior, said he is expecting a lot from himself and others on the team this coming season.

            “Personally I think we just grow together as a team. The more we go through, the more we become teammates and friends instead of random people on a cross country team,” Lee said.

            “Through the offseason I constantly worked on my craft and tried to be in the best possible shape I can for the season,” Lee said.

            “My expectations of the team this year are: first, win State, and second, create a level of competition and encouragement that is unmatched by any other team.”

            Coach Colin Altevogt said the team has had a great start to the season and wants to continue winning with the momentum they have.

“ I’d like to see our boys continue to progress through the season and improve upon how they ran last year,” Altevogt said.