Men’s cross country to compete in Sectional on Oct. 9


The men’s cross-country team gets ready to run in the Riverview Health Flashrock Invitational. Coach Altevogt said that the team should get through the Sectional easily with all of the hard work that they have been putting in.

Saahas Kandru

The men’s cross-country team will compete in the Sectional in Noblesville on Oct. 9. If the team advances they will compete in the Regional on Oct. 16.

Lucas Lemme, cross-country runner and senior, said he is trying to maintain the same process he has been doing the whole year to try and get the team to the next level.

“Consistency is key, so not a whole lot is gonna change this week in terms of different training. One thing I am doing differently is running a Pace Per Mile (PPM) early on in the week and really just front loading workouts to ensure fresh legs for the race,” Lemme said.

“The best way to practice with purpose is to maintain the same hard intensity. Intensity does not mean that you are going all out all the time, but rather is a mindset that allows you to be doing what you can in the workout you are doing to get better,” Lemme said.

Head Coach Colin Altevogt said the Sectional is going to be one of the easier meets for the team this season.

“The Sectional is a smaller meet and less competitive than the meets we usually go to; the boys we have running in the sectional have improved a lot from this same time a year ago, so we will advance pretty handily,” Altevogt said.

Altevogt said the team is happy to show off their talents and have gotten closer over the past few weeks.

“With our depth, we’re happy to let some of the boys outside of our top seven get a chance to compete in the Sectional and help the team to advance in the tournament. We also use this time to get some good workouts with the boys that will run for us in the State meet,” Altevogt said.