Auditorium reopening soon as construction continues around CHS


A construction worker wraps plastic in the newly renovated Dale E. Graham auditorium on Sept. 1. According to Principal Tim Phares, the auditorium should reopen within the next few weeks.

Chenyao Liu and Archit Kalra

The Dale E. Graham auditorium should reopen soon, according to Principal Tim Phares.

“We are hopeful that a lot of the (construction projects) will start to open back up on time—for example, the auditorium,” Phares said. “That’s been about six to eight months behind where we’re supposed to be. And I was just told this past week that we should have the auditorium in the next couple of weeks. So, that’s exciting, for everybody to have that.”

Eric Yang, member of the Camerata Orchestra and senior, said he was excited to be able to perform in the auditorium again.

“It’s been a pain for all orchestra performances and (other) performances like the musical and (Holiday) Spec(tacular); we’ve had to do them at inconvenient locations such as churches,” Yang said. “I had to go to a church for (Holiday Spectacular) and I had to go into the gym for the musical, which is really annoying and not fun to play. I’m pretty excited to be able to perform in (the auditorium) again, and it’s also just an actual performance venue and not an improvised place.”

Beyond the auditorium, Phares said construction will continue for the next few years and the school will have to adjust to some changes.

“The temporary trail that’s up right now—we do believe in the coming weeks that there will be more of a permanent trail that’s up,” Phares said. “We’re going to have what’s the actual traditional trail back up in place where kids would walk, but as far as going in Door 17, that’s going to be for the next couple of years until we get Door 21 back open. There’s no doubt construction is just part of who we are right now. It’s going to continue to be that way.”