Junior Labeeb Hossain analyzes his protein model of the amino acid phenylalanine at his home.Hossain said he is aware there are some conflicts between religious and scientific doctrines, but said he is open to modifying his beliefs to accept scientific facts.

Students, teacher discuss impact of religion on scientific learning, vice versa

Archit Kalra December 8, 2020

Religion and science are both important aspects of junior Labeeb Hossain’s life that go hand-in-hand. “I think (religion and science) are pretty complementary–they kind of work with each other...

Junior Diego Valencia (far left) participates in drills with fellow Sea Cadets as a part of the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps, an organization dedicated to teaching and training aspiring military servicemembers about naval operations and teamwork. Valencia said he hopes to enlist in the Navy after college to serve his country.

Aspiring, current military personnel consider benefits, impacts of new Space Force

Archit Kalra October 14, 2020

When Junior Diego Valencia said he was considering joining the Navy after college, he said one of the most important factors that influenced his decision was his desire to give back to his community. “Comradeship,...

District should implement more measures to have united student body by better including virtual students

District should implement more measures to have united student body by better including virtual students

Archit Kalra September 23, 2020

During the pandemic, I often feel like I’ve been thrust past the event horizon of a jarring black hole, with no way out. 2020 has managed to unite us against a common enemy, but divide us into separate...

Students that have other conditions are more conscious about their health during this time.

Joshika Sathyamathan September 20, 2020

Many students here at this school may have chronic health issues that require repeated trips to the hospital and for these students, it may be challenging to make appointments and get the care they...

My brother and third grade student Ayan Kalra lounges on the sofa at his home in Carmel as he talks to his cousins Dhruv Chawla and Dhairya Chawla, who are in Mississauga, Ontario, over Google Hangouts on May 11, 2020. Google Hangouts and other video conference apps have increased in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic as the tolls of social distancing on social life became more evident. “Software like Hangouts helped me connect more with my family during this traumatic time, and gave me a deeper sense of emotional connection during this time,” Ayan said.

Archit Kalra

May 14, 2020

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