Administration to meet Dec. 12, focus on future construction projects, ACE

Archit Kalra and Chenyao Liu

According to Principal Tim Phares, administration will meet on Dec. 12 to discuss future construction projects at this school.

“We’re going to be sharing some of the rationale for some of (our) future projects (at the meeting),” Phares said. “One thing that people don’t always realize is when we (pick projects, often) student enrollment impacts that.”

Phares said this rationale has been used to guide recent construction work, such as the Performing Arts department renovation.

“The auditorium really wasn’t changed a great deal, but all the classroom space around there (was),” he said. “One of the rationales behind that was when this school, that portion (in particular) was built, you’re talking about 2,500 to 3,200 kids in that area, and a lot of our areas were configured and constructed for that (level of) student enrollment. Now, (student enrollment is) over 5,200 kids and so… we are not necessarily always meeting the needs of what our student body has.”

Phares also said he is looking forward to the ACE week at the end of this semester.

He said, “How we got to (ACE), what’s been shared with me is students would say, ‘I’m stressed, I’m overwhelmed. I’ve got four finals in one day.”  When (there were) a lot of high stakes (tests), and then it impacts (their) grade tremendously in one day, one moment of time, whereas you’ve been working for a full semester in demonstrating mastery.”

“What we do share with our teachers (is) that there needs to be a meaningful experience (for ACE),” he said. “We want your teachers to be able to make the best educational decision, or what they believe is the best for our students.”

Senior Avinash Valuveri said he agreed ACE helps students prepare for the end of the semester.

“I think ACE is a good addition to the school finals week because it allows for a good amount of Preparation and Intervention time,” he said. “I like (P&I) time because it allows me to work with my teachers before my final tests or projects. It can be educationally beneficial (and) it gives a lot more flexibility to students and allows them to focus on what they need to do before the end of the semester.”

Principal Tim Phares works in his office. Phares said administration will look at course capacity and athletic facilities when considering future renovation projects at CHS.