Creative Writing allows students to enhance their writing skills

Kate Loper

Among the many English classes offered here, Creative Writing is one of the courses that allow students to take control of their writing skills. This class is open to all juniors and seniors and focuses on building the students’ writing skills in all areas of literature.

“In creative writing, you have to come in with an open mind,” Creative Writing teacher Mary Lynne Halfmann said. 

Creative Writing studies various forms of written literature. Students are presented with several prompts, formatting, and journals to encompass these various forms fully.

Junior Gabby Saber, who is enrolled in this course, speaks up about how creative writing makes her feel,

“My favorite part of creative writing is the freedom. We can use our own voices and not sound like someone I’m not,” Saber said. 

This course allows students to dig deeper to find their hidden creative flow. It also prepares them for further English courses in a spectacular way.

Halfmann states that many students are surprised by how their writing skills are amplified.

“The last essay they write is a reflective essay where they think about their writing over the course of the semester, and they come away with far more than they expected, in a positive way,” Halfmann said. “When my students walk out the door, I want them to look at the world differently.”