Head Coach Ed Pendoski (right) talks to another coach during practice. Pendoski said the common image of wrestlers changing their weight to drop down to a lower weight class is largely a myth.

Wrestlers conscious of nutrition going into holiday season

Maggie Meyer December 13, 2021

As the holiday season approaches, people typically find themselves feasting on holiday meals and treats. However, that is not the case for wrestler and senior Embry Horal as he maintains a healthy diet...

Sophomore Nora Perkins (left) celebrates as she watches a football game on TV with her dad.Perkins said she and her family are football fans who regularly watch IU games and the NFL.

Students discuss family Thanksgiving football traditions, impact on family

Addison Joyce November 12, 2021

Thanksgiving is a time when many families get together and spend time with each other. That idea can look different for everyone. Students and staff around Carmel all have different ways of bonding with...

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