Club Spotlight: Green Action Club

September 20, 2019

Green Action Club Co-President Maanya Rajesh Why did you choose to start the club? The club was started by me and my co-leaders with the intent of being able to do our part in helping reduce CHS’s greenhouse gas emissions, and (what we’re doing to accomplish) that is a series of projects that are studen...

Science department starts off new school year with new teachers, new class

Students have created models of muscles in the face during their human body systems (PLTW) class. Sophomore Caroline Meador takes the class and said she wanted to continue to the second year because she enjoyed the first-year class and was really interested in what else there was to learn in the program. SELENA QIAN//PHOTO

Selena Qian, Acumen editor

August 25, 2016

According to the department chairperson Jennifer Marlow, the science department will have its next meeting Sept. 13 after school. At the beginning of the school year, Marlow said, the department is very busy, as they are still working to readjust and get into a rhythm, especially with the changes. “Most...

Rethinking Diabetes

DEALING WITH DIABETES:  Brooke Eckl, Type 1 diabetic and sophomore, uses an insulin pump to regulate her blood glucose levels. Eckl said she has used an insulin pump for approximately eight years. 


November 13, 2015

Diabetes may seem like an issue high school students don’t need to worry about being diagnosed with for at least a couple of decades. While the disease affects 29.1 million people in the United States, according to a 2014 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, the International Diabetes...

Science department to meet May 12, students to take Biology I ECA

Science department to meet May 12, students to take Biology I ECA


May 7, 2015

According to department chairperson Jennifer Marlow, the science department has begun to wrap everything up for the end of the school year and plan for next year. Due to this, Marlow said, there are fewer events; however, one student, junior Vikas Maturi, will compete in the Intel International S...

Science department to meet April 21, botany students to go on field trip April 24

  Junior Megan Armstrong eats lunch and talks with her friends. She visited the cadaver lab with her human anatomy and physiology class and said it was a good experience.


April 20, 2015

The next science department meeting will be April 21, according to department chairperson Jennifer Marlow. “We’ll be discussing more, talking more about grading policies and coming to a consensus about (professional learning communities) with how to grade tests and what percentage should be based ...

Anatomy students to visit cadaver lab

Junior Megan Armstrong talks to her friend at lunch. Armstrong said she plans to attend the Medical Academic Center field trip on the cardiovascular system day because she wants to be a cardiologist.


March 17, 2015

Students currently taking human anatomy and physiology will have the opportunity to visit the Medical Academic Center and see a human cadaver dissection, according to Erin Odya, human anatomy and physiology teacher. The trip will be after school March 23-26. Students can choose a day to attend based on...

Club Med to host final meeting on May 19

Omeed Malek, Club Med co-president and senior, does his homework. According to Malek, Club Med’s final meeting will be on May 19. AARON SHI / PHOTO


May 18, 2014

Club Med has tentatively scheduled its final meeting for May 19, according to Club Med sponsor Sarah Gillim. The meeting will be in room B215 and will take place after school from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. Gillim said the year has been steadily winding down as members are becoming occupied with school. A...

Club Med to meet on April 14, continue to perform axolotl experiment


April 7, 2014

Club Med has scheduled a meeting on April 14, according to Omeed Malek, Club Med co-president and senior. During this meeting, Club Med will continue its annual experiment on axolotls, salamanders that have the ability to regenerate lost limbs using stem cells. The experiment involves grafting stem c...

Club Med plans to visit Medical Academic Center on Feb. 22


February 5, 2014

This year, Club Med will again offer members the opportunity to visit the Medical Academic Center (MAC) to witness a corpse or cadaver dissection. According to Anaelle Zimmowitch, Club Med co-president and senior, the event will take place on Feb. 22 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The cost of the trip, includi...

Club Med to pass out locker signs during its next meeting on Jan. 27, plan for upcoming semester

Omeed Malek, Club Med president and senior, writes a note for a teacher. He said he would discuss volunteer opportunities at the next meeting, especially opportunities at St. Vincent Hospital. AARON SHI / PHOTO


January 21, 2014

Club Med members will distribute locker signs during its next meeting on Jan. 27, according to Omeed Malek, Club Med co-president and senior. The meeting, as usual, will be in Room B215. Malek said he had originally scheduled to distribute locker signs before winter break but canceled the meeting due...

Cadaver dissections to occur on Nov. 25 at Indiana Spine Group

Guest speaker Gina Londino addresses club members while Club Med sponsor Sarah Gillim listens. Londino talked about forensic science, including the process by which bodies decay and how bullets impact the surface of a body. AARON SHI / PHOTO


November 20, 2013

On Nov. 25 at 3:30 p.m., Club Med members will visit the Indiana Spine Group (ISG) to attend a cadaver dissection, located within the Medical Academic Center. According to Omeed Malek, Club Med co-president and senior, students must provide their own transportation. There will not be a club meeting t...

Club Med plans to visit Medical Academic Center (MAC) on Nov. 25

A specialist in obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN) addresses Club Med members on his path through medical school. He talked about why he chose his profession, as well as the salary that doctors receive. AARON SHI / PHOTO


October 31, 2013

Club Med has planned for its annual visit to the Medical Academic Center (MAC), located in the Indiana Spine Group building, after school on Nov. 25, according to co-president and senior Omeed Malek. During the visit, members will witness a live human cadaver – or corpse – being dissected, ...