Club Spotlight: Green Action Club

Riley Terbush
Green Action Club Co-President and sophomore Maanya Rajesh

Green Action Club Co-President Maanya Rajesh

Why did you choose to start the club?

The club was started by me and my co-leaders with the intent of being able to do our part in helping reduce CHS’s greenhouse gas emissions, and (what we’re doing to accomplish) that is a series of projects that are student-led (and are) different things that we can do. I think that if the government doesn’t do its part in reducing emissions, it’s up to the civilians to start doing that type of stuff.

Will the club try to advocate in local and state government?

We do want to (influence local government), and we need some approval, but we’re not really focusing on the political side of things; we’re mainly trying to focus on what we can actually do physically to help reduce our emissions.

Green Action Club Sponsor Dr. Sarah Gillim

Club Sponsor Dr. Sarah Gillim

What are the club’s goals for this year?

The club is a group of students who are very interested in getting composting done at the school, so they’re going to be working real hard to get some of that implemented in the cafeteria, so that’s a goal. Another goal is to learn about solar power and to approach officials at the school, maybe the school, board-about the positives of solar power.

Why should students join the club?

I think it’s a really important club because everybody needs to learn more about sustainability, and I think one of the most important issues facing humanity is us learning to live more sustainably on our limited planet and stop climate change.