Physical education department to combine modern fitness and recreational games


The physical education department announced that next year modern fitness and recreational games will be combined into one class. Both modern fitness and recreational games are classes offered by the physical education department that introduce students to the rules and game play of sports. On Jan 14 the department announced the changes during the school day.

“I have seen a dramatic decrease in the amount of students enrolling in modern fitness but recreational games is a crowd favorite. The physical education department thought it would be the best idea to combine both classes, so the numbers for both classes could grow,” said head of the physical education department, Kim TenBrink.

TenBrink also added that if both classes were combined the amount of teachers needed would decrease and save the high school money.

Next month Lisa Ruxer, physical education teacher, is offering a life guarding re-certification class. This class is for students who have already completed life guarding but whose certificate has expired since then. Ruxer said she offers this class to allow students to get their re-certification without charging a large price like many other life guarding facilities do.

“I am thankful that Mrs. Ruxer offers this class. That way I do not have to go to another location I am unfamiliar with. At CHS I can take the class with a friend,” said certified lifeguard and junior, Hannah Larson.

Ruxer said that the class will take place after school but has yet to set a specific date. By Sean Truax