Debate team plans practices for Nationals participants


As the CHS debate team prepares for Nationals, team sponsor James Ziegler said that he can now begin to hold practices on the topics that were recently released.  Juniors Shayan Ahmad and Jake Robinson will be arguing over the topic of whether the United States is right in intervening in a foreign nation’s affairs for the sake of spreading democracy, Ziegler said.  Once AP exams are over, Ziegler said he plans to get them together, along with Ray Qian, Congress participant and junior, to start preparing.

“(After the exams we’ll) begin a heavy push on research and begin working on our cases,” Ziegler said.

In terms of next year, Ziegler said that he will return as the debate team coach.  He said his level of confidence for next year is “through the roof” compared to the nerves that were associated with his taking over this year.

“Now I feel more prepared on ways to make (how we practice and prepare for meets) next year much more efficient,” he said.

One big change for next year, one the team doesn’t have control over, is that the fact that a long-time member, Ivy Yan, team president and senior, will no longer be a part of the team.  Despite the “ups and downs,” including the uncertainty last year in the time after sponsor Amanda Richmond’s departure from the team, Yan said she has enjoyed the journey.

“Overall, debate has been an amazing experience these last four years,” she said via e-mail.

Yan said she felt confident looking forward at the team’s future in the hands of Ziegler.

“In (him) I think we have found a permanent coach who will remain dedicated to the activity and (will) inspire debaters to always seek to improve their arguments and debating skills,” she said.  “I know I’m leaving the team in good hands, so I can’t wait to see what the team will achieve in the future.” By Patrick Bryant