Jewish Student Union plans call-out for Sept. 6


Brett Gerstein and Frankie Salzman, co-presidents and juniors, meet to discuss the future of the Jewish student union (JSU) with sponsor Shelly Rubinstein. JSU plans to have its call-out meeting on Sept. 6. ANDY YANG / PHOTO

The Jewish Student Union (JSU) will have its call-out meeting on Sept. 6 after school in the main cafeteria according to Brett Gerstein, club president and junior, via e-mail. The club is open to people of all religions and generally meets every Tuesday.

“Basically, we, Jews and non-Jews, meet and discuss or plan events revolving around Jewish activities. We plan events to celebrate holidays, learn about Israeli culture and the Hebrew language, take part in social action projects to help repair the world, and, of course, socialize,” Gerstein said.

Sponsor Shelly Rubinstein said that the club aims to create a sense of belonging for everybody and to educate people about Jewish culture. This year, she said that the club plans on meeting more frequently with other local Jewish youth groups for various events. She also said that apples and honey will be served to symbolize the upcoming year.

“I want people to know that we’re really open to anyone joining, Jewish or non-Jewish. Anyone who’s interested in learning about a religion or culture different from their own would find that we have a lot to offer,” Gerstein said.