Scholastic Art and Writing Competition students to be honored at Clowes Memorial Hall on March 17

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Of the 2,150 total entries nationwide, 40 CHS students received awards at the annual Scholastic Art and Writing Competition of central Indiana. These 40 artists will be recognized on March 17 at Clowes Memorial Hall, Butler University. According to Art Department chairperson Jennifer Bubp, the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition is a prestigious way to recognize artistic talent in high school.

“Scholastic artwork represents a significant standard of exellence,” Bubp said. “When students receive recognition for their talent, some begin to see themselves as true artists–maybe for the first time.”

Award categories include American Vision, portfolio, and individual. Of the individual awards, both Gold and Silver Key awards will be acknowledged at Clowes, although only Gold Key award winners will advance to nationals. Below is the complete list of all winning students, including honorable mentions.

American Vision Nominees (Bests of Show) include Greg Dugdale and Nicole Yoon.

Portfolio Award winners include Greg Dugdale (Gold Key), Nicole Yoon (Silver Key), Taylor Cassell (Honorable Mention), Francisca Figueroa (Honorable Mention) and Caroline Ward (Honorable Mention).

Gold Key winners include Anne Castro, Connie Chu, Greg Dugdale (3 awards), Taylor Farmer, Francisca Figueroa (2 awards), Erica Gero, Alex Mikev, Nicole Yoon (2 awards), Sarah Bruns, Rachael Seidensticker and Tomoko Yamada.

Silver Key winners include Caroline Ward (4 awards), Karli Azar, Taylor Cassell, Greg Dugdale (3 awards), Taylor Farmer, Francisca Figueroa (5 awards), Alex Mikev, Nicole Yoon, Liane Yue, Jessica Earnhardt (2 awards), Shizen Moh, Esme Patterson, Eric Quist, Katie Matthews, Jessica Tian (2 awards), Haley Albertson and Tiffany Lewis.

Honorable Mention recipients include George Armstrong, Mehar Athar, Rida Asim, Karli Azar, Kathryn Bradberry, Taylor Cassell (3 awards), Greg Dugdale (4 awards), Kristyn Eckl, Francisca Figueroa (4 awards), Jeremy Garcia, Laura Harris, Dana Hsu, Jasmine Johnson, Julienne Leibold, Tiffeney Lewis, Katie Matthews, Molly McGuire, Alex Mikev, Dorothy Nguyen (2 awards), Rachael Schinbeckler, Katy Voor (two awards), Anna Walker, Caroline Ward (2 awards), Nicole Yoon (3 awards), Liane Yue and Hannah Zipes.