UNICEF postpones bake sale until after spring break


UNICEF plans to have a meeting on February 27, 2013. The bake sale has been moved even further, until April.

The bake sale has been postponed to after spring break due to the large amount of bake sales happening by other clubs. This new proposed time is over two months after the original planned date in early February.

“I guess a lot of clubs are trying hard to fundraise. It kind of sucks that we have to postpone it because I know a lot of our members were looking forward to it,” Tiffany Yeh, UNICEF secretary, treasurer and senior said.

Yeh said the members are trying to think of things to do while waiting for a good day to hold the bake sale. The bake sale will still be run by students and the goal of over $200 is still there.

“There are so many bake sales prior to spring break that people might get tired of the sweets. They would be more apt to buy things after spring break, so our sales would be better,” Jill Noel, UNICEF sponsor, said.

The club’s next meet date is undecided. Events for the club have been halted temporarily, but club officers hope to get things running soon. Noel expects one meeting prior to spring break.

Spirit wear, long sleeve shirts were available for pick up on March 5 and 6, 2013. Any student who has yet to pick up their spirit wear should go see club president and junior, David Choe.