Global Giving to hold first meeting Sept. 28


Global Giving, a club dedicated to fundraising money for underprivileged children around the world, plans to have its first call-out meeting on Sept. 28 in sponsor Ryan Ringenberg’s room.

“For the call-out meeting, we’ll mostly get the contacts of the members and set up details for the next meeting,” said co-president and senior Annie Tang.

The group has been spreading the word about the cause through e-mail and Facebook. To further raise awareness about the cause, Tang said that they will soon be doing video announcements.

The call-out meeting is also planned to work out details for the club’s upcoming year. “We’ll probably work out the details of various fundraisers at the meeting, as well as decide roles for the group,” Ringenberg said.

For the fundraisers, Tang said that the club will have booths at Homecoming like they had last year. “We’ll probably sell baked goods and drinks like we did last year. We made $120 last year, but it was raining, so hopefully we’ll make more this year,” she said. Other than a Homecoming booth, the group has already planned to participate in the International Fair in Indianapolis to promote their cause and to collect donations.

Ringenberg said he anticipated a good number of students coming to the call-out meeting. “Everyone should come out to this meeting,” Tang said. “It counts as service and it is fun. It’s a mediocre-sized club so everyone gets involved. And we have baking parties. Why wouldn’t you want to join?”