Amnesty International to meet Sept. 30


Amnesty International’s first meeting is scheduled for Sept. 30 in Room C128. According to Jennifer Davis, sponsor and art department chairperson, members and any new participants will discuss officers, dates of future meetings and goals and activities the club would like to plan for the year.

“Amnesty International involves people from across the world encouraging humanity for all. The purpose is to educate others towards what we can all do to make life better, affect lives and make the world a safer place,” Davis said.

According to president and senior Rosemary Boeglin, a sign-up sheet for name and e-mail addresses will be passed around during the meeting. The members will also be given a handout explaining the club. Information includes the kinds of events the club hosts to take action, a brief overview the Night of Rights, the main event hosted by the club each year, and a list of potential campaigns for human rights.