Greyhound Nation Executive Board wins award, continues to show support for winter sports


The banner that the Greyhound Nation Executive Board made hangs in the varsity gym. This banner is just one of many projects.

Uday Lomada

           Throughout Indiana, schools have been competing to win the award of the WISH-TV Zone Championship Banner, given to the school with the most student support throughout all of the events, games and matches that have transpired. Recently, CHS has won this award thanks to the help that Big Game and the Greyhound Nation Executive Board.

           “Winning the award was really fun and exciting for the school,” Meredith Lipps, board member and junior said. “It’s really nice that we were recognized for the work we do and that we get to be on TV, but we still have a lot planned to get the attendance even higher. We still have some of the winter and all of the spring sports ahead of us.”

        Wendy Bass, club sponsor and math teacher, has deferred to the members of the board, saying the club is student ran and she only is there as an adviser.