Pinnacle Yearbook Staff Preparing for the New School Year


Victoria Nopporn

Pinnacle Yearbook photographer, Sarah Hao, interviews Linh Nguyen about the recent news of the Madden game shooting in Jacksonville, Fla. “I love to know and understand what others think of current events. It’s enlightening.”

Victoria Nopporn

This year’s Pinnacle staff is preparing for the 2018-2019 yearbook that will be distributed in May of 2019.

“Our goal this year is to just make a yearbook, like always. The process is new, there will be deadlines and a new theme. Really everything we do this year is the same as always.” said Pinnacle yearbook adviser Nicole Laughrey. Yearbook has six major deadlines, and the Pinnacle adviser works with the yearbook’s publishing company to come up with them. Next, the staff will follow along with the deadlines that will be in place.

“We have daily assignments where we take photos in the morning and the afternoon for profiles. We have a certain day in  the week, so we find a recent news event and interview people in CHS about their thoughts.” said Sarah Hao, Pinnacle yearbook photographer. “For me I have to take photos of sports which includes football, cheer, color guard, and marching band.”  The theme of this year’s yearbook is not allowed to be discussed yet outside of the Pinnacle staff.