TEDx continues planning for next year


Selin Oh, TEDx president and senior, asks club members for feedback on the December conference. Oh said she is sad it was her last conference, but she hopes to prepare the returning members well for the future.

Following sponsor changes and a room change, the TEDx club uses its meetings to prepare for next year.
According to Selin Oh, TEDx president and senior, this means the club members will discuss the past conference, plan for what they want to see in the next conference and work toward deciding next year’s leadership as all the members of this year’s leadership team are seniors.
Oh said, “All of the current leadership positions are taken up by seniors, so that means the underclassmen and juniors too need to take on the responsibility and keep TEDx going. So, in order to do that, we are going to have an application process for people who are interested in either taking on the role of any of the committee heads and also the more administrative roles like president or vice president.”
Allen Wheeler, TEDx co-sponsor and social studies teacher, said, “An incredible thing is that so far, the club has been very student-led. Students have been able to push forward more initiatives, and something the students have definitely talked about is just getting perhaps even more unique speakers from outside and also trying to get new students to kind of take the reins and get new types of TED Talks in the future.” By Rhea Acharya