School Resource Officers (SROs) hope to speak in classrooms, at clubs

Hari Patel

School Resource Officers (SROs) at CHS hope to have opportunities to speak in classrooms, at clubs and at evening events, according to SRO Shane VanNatter.
“It is important to know that our SROs are here to build positive relationships with our students and law enforcement is our last resort when working with students,” VanNatter said.
According to VanNatter, SROs are here for students as mentors and love to help students work through challenging situations.
Karthik Arcot, a senior who said he appreciates SROs building relationships with students, said the SROs help students succeed at school and in life endeavors
“The SROs here strive to be mentors for the students and engage with students to help them through different types of situations,” Arcot said.