CHS men’s varsity tennis team ready for MIC tournament


Brock Fletcher, front, stretches alongside other members of the varsity tennis team on Sept. 9. He said practices and season games help to prepare for tournaments such as the MIC on Sept. 17 and 19.

Aniket Biswal

The CHS men’s varsity tennis team will play in the Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference (MIC) tournament on Sept. 17 and 19. According to head coach Bryan Hanan, the team will send its top 7 players, 3 singles players and 2 teams of doubles players, to compete in the tournament. He said the team is preparing but seems ready for the tournament based upon previous years’ performances.

Hanan said, “Right now, our season matchups are what is helping us prepare for the MIC. Especially against tougher schools like North Central, we get good practice and run through what the MIC might feel like.”

Brock Fletcher, junior and 1 singles player, said the season games help but the daily practice and effort is what really helps for preparation. He said, “We come (to the courts) everyday for practice and that helps us fix problems that we see during our season games. With the MIC coming up, we just use this practice and some of our games to prepare.”

The team will have one more week after the MIC to finish their season and then they will play in Sectionals. Hanan said the team is also starting to prepare for that in order to do well in the tournament.