School board allows physical education department to resume summer school


With a decision made last week, the Indiana School Board of Education has decided to allow summer school for the physical education department, instead of canceling it as it was previously planned.

Even so, specific plans for the two summer sessions have not been made yet. “

They haven’t told me anything. However, I do know that we’ll be having it,” department head Kim TenBrink said.

TenBrink said she believes summer school to be a great opportunity.

“I think summer school is great for students to come learn about CHS. It’s a great opportunity for students to earn their PE credits, and also to have more room in their regular schedules,” TenBrink said.

Sophomore Arpeet Patel said he approves of the idea of summer school continuing. “Summer school is a great place to meet new friends and free up your schedule,” Patel said.

However, this year’s summer school will be slightly different from previous summer school sessions. This year, there will be no field trips. The cancellation of field trips has been due to the School Board’s budget cuts.

TenBrink said she would prefer to keep the field trips.

“The field trips allow students to try something they’ve never done before. Many students have never gone bowling, and sometimes they might never be able to go,” TenBrink said.

“Field trips during summer school are great. It’s a whole different experience from staying in a classroom all day,” Patel said. By Chris Li <[email protected]>