Administration cuts down on summer school budget


Currently, juniors are meeting with their counselors to pick out schedules for next year, and some will hit a roadblock. Though the situation is not set in stone yet, according to Principal John Williams, there will be cuts to the summer school course load.

Since the state is no longer paying for much of the fees related to summer school, this school has taken on the burden. Counselors have thus far encouraged students to sign up for summer classes, but “our goal is to offer summer school to those kids who need it,” Williams said.

The likely situation would keep only AP Macroeconomics and summer gym, with a few remedial math courses.

For students like sophomore Lyndon Ji, who signed up for AP Macroeconomics during the summer, cancellation would mean one less period available during the year to take another course.

“I have a free period anyway,” he said, but other students aren’t as lucky. For some seniors, it means they can no longer fill requirements like government over the summer and choose an easier course during the year.

Williams likened the loss of some classes as taking away previously promised provisions from your children. “We will have summer school,” Williams said, “but it will not be like it was in the past.” By Michelle Hu <[email protected]>