CCRC sees shift from senior to junior meetings

Darshini Shankar

As seniors finish their college applications, the College and Career Resource Center (CCRC) assists them and begins to see juniors.

According to Melinda Stephan, College and Career Programming and Resources Coordinator, “We’re making the shift from seeing a lot of seniors to seeing more juniors.”

With scheduling for senior year approaching in second semester, Stephan said juniors are starting to consider options for their future.

“(The juniors) are starting to think about scheduling in January and scheduling classes for senior year,” Stephan said. “(They’re) thinking about that whole college application process, gap years or jobs and specific training programs.”

Junior Marco Leonardo said he already started considering the college application process by looking at options for his future.

According to Leonardo, “Lots of colleges started emailing (me) after (I) put (my) email into AP Classroom. So I’ve looked at some of them and that’s basically it (so far).”

Although the CCRC is seeing an increasing number of juniors, Stephan said seniors continue to get help with applications.

Stephan said, “That November 1 deadline was a big turning point for us (but we’re) still reading lots of essays for seniors and helping them with the application processes.”

Senior Noah Sosinsky said he already completed much of his college preparation process.

According to Sosinsky, “I already applied to all the schools I (was) going to apply (to). I just got them done early so I don’t have to do them later.”

Along with individual meetings, Stephan said the CCRC will continue to host college and career preparation programs virtually during the second semester.

“We’re pretty much in the CCRC with programming for the semester, so we’re planning for next semester,” Stephan said. “We’re pretty much expecting to do everything that we normally do in-person virtually kind of like we did this fall.”